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About Us

  • The core mission of AdaptiveWear is to significantly improve the daily persons living with disabilities, chronic illnesses and special medical needs. We provide well thought-out premium adaptive clothing and accessories designed to make dressing with dignity easier, so our loved ones can be themselves!


  • We tailor each order for the specific needs of each individual. Seniors, persons living with disabilities and caregivers can trust AdaptiveWear for their comfort and convenience needs. With an unwavering dedication to provide the highest levels of customer service, AdaptiveWear’s customers can shop worry-free.


  • While our mission is to build a thriving community, we are constantly pushing for innovation in our product selection. Our combined expertise in pathologies and special quality products is what motivates us to build the best company for seniors!


    AdaptiveWear was created by two childhood friends who have years of experience in caring for those with special needs. Their unique stories have given Adaptive Wear a keen insight into the needs of those living with physical, developmental and cognitive disabilities.


    Alexandre Serra - Founder

    Alexandre started caregiving for seniors at a very young age. Alexandre was raised by his maternal grandparents. When Alexandre became a teenager, both of his maternal grandparents developed Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases. Focusing the majority of his time on the well-being of his grandparents, Alexandre quickly learned ways to best address the daily challenges of living with such conditions. This experience, combined with the love for his grandparents, is what inspires Alexandre to design and offer the best adaptive dressing solutions.


    Nils Jucaud - CoFounder

    Nils started caregiving for persons living with disabilities as a young adult when his best friend lost full mobility after a terrible accident. Nils became sensitive to the need for soundly-crafted adaptive clothing that eases the task of self or assisted dressing, especially for those who are bedridden, wheelchair users, or with mobility issues.


    A word on Quality and Reliability

    The AdaptiveWear manufacturing process is what makes our company stand out from the competition. All of our products are manufactured either in the US or the EU following strict guidelines.

    We only use premium and high quality materials to manufacture our clothing:

    • The fabric is made of 95 % Cotton and 5 % Elastane which makes it very reliable even after having been washed many times over;
    • The fabric withstands the strength of commercial washers and dryers;
    • We use YKK, the most reliable zipper brand, to provide durability and elegance;
    • All of our straps are made by Velcro.

    Our Quality Control manufacturing process guarantees that each component is assembled following a state-of-the-art process.